#1 - What's in a name?


What almost no one was asking for…

Hold down the excitement, I promise things will come back down.

So, why a blog?  There are almost an endless number of resources that are available online, on my bookshelf, in my podcast app, at the library, what’s the point in one more??  Good question, and I don’t have a good answer… except that God keeps showing me things, and why not pass them on, right? So if there is value here for you, awesome, if not, no worries, as they say, you get what you pay for… or maybe not.

There’s something in a name...

We all wait with anticipation to hear what our friends are going to name their expectant children… but why?  Because it communicates something! The personality of the family and hopes of the parents are displayed in the name they give a child.  

Have you ever noticed how the bible often will give the meaning of a name?

And it is always important to what God is trying to say about the person.  Check out one example from the Old Testament…

The first two kings of Israel are Saul and David.  1 Samuel 8 shows us that if the people want a king because they trust more in earthly leadership then they are rejecting God and His kingship.  Many will remember in their bible history how Saul was a bad king and David was a good king. Saul was what you’d expect a king to be, tall, wealthy, handsome, he was what the people wanted when they demanded an earthly king to rule over them.  David wasn’t even worthy of mention in his own family, but he was who God wanted to succeed Saul as the second king.

So what about their names?  

David means “Beloved”.  

He was beloved in the eyes of God and he loved God and worshipped Him.  

What about Saul?

Saul means “Requested one”.

Right there in his name God declares loudly to the Hebrew people, “I didn’t choose this one, you did”.  And as we often see in the Bible, things usually don’t go to well when we choose things that God doesn’t want for us.


I’m a far cry from a creative person but every blog I’ve ever seen has a cool, catchy name. And it makes sense… cause there’s meaning in a name.  One of our missionaries in the past had a blog called Widening Streams, I always thought that was a good one.

Mock? Yeah! Ing? Yeah! Bird? Yeah!

Why mockingbird?

First, it's the state bird of Texas…

And as they say, you can take a man out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of a man.

But more important it's what a mockingbird is...  

The latin name is Mimus Polyglottos, translated the many-tongued mimic.

Because that’s what a mockingbird does.  It repeats what it has heard.

Because I can't afford to pay

For most of what I say

So it's a lucky thing

That the truth's public domain

And I am like a mockingbird

I've got no new song to sing

And I am like an amplifier

I just tell you what i've heard

Oh, i'm like a mockingbird

- Mockingbird, Derek Webb

For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

- 2 Peter 1:16

I am learning so much from the greatest teacher in the universe, Jesus Christ.  And if you’re interested, I’ll share what I’m learning.

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