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River Church is no longer meeting. 

If we can help you find a great church in the Charleston area, please email us at


At River Church our children’s ministry, or RiverKids, exists to Glorify God by teaching the next generation to love Him with all their hearts.


River Church’s role is to partner with the parents to assist in the teaching and training of their children. The parents are the primary disciple makers. We are a resource to them.


We do this on Sundays by providing a loving and safe place for children ages birth to 5th grade to grow in their love of Jesus.  Often times, we will have the older classes join their parents in the main gathering for the first set of worship music so they worship as a family.  Children as much by what is caught as what is taught, so have your kids with you gives the opportunity for them to “catch” you worshipping God corporately with the church!  After the first set, they will return to their classrooms.  


In their classes, your kids will have fun, discuss a biblical lesson, do activities together, and play together.  Each week will usually end with a take home sheet for the parents so that they can continue the conversations throughout the week with their children on what they were learning on Sunday.

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